How It Works - Please Read Completely!

Welcome! First, let me say that the process itself may seem difficult, but it is actually very simple. Advertisers want to get consumers to try their products or services, so they offer free trials, discounts, etc... to get people to try their products or services. But they need a place to advertise these trials. One method is to hand these trials over to affiliate networks to handle the advertising for them.

The affiliate network is an agency that handles the advertising of products and services for any number of different advertisers. One method that they use to achieve this is called "incentive advertising", which means that they offer incentives (free gifts) to people that try the advertisers product or service. That's where we come in.

A freebie site, such as the one you are on now, is basically an outlet for the affiliate. We provide web space to place the ads, and offer those ads to the public. But the system has evolved into what is called the "referral" system.

If you are here, more than likely you were "referred" by someone else to complete offers on the site. Then in turn they place an order with our network for their free gift (incentive). The system then continues, in that once you have completed your offer requirements for the person who referred you, you can then send your own referrals to the site, and do the same thing for them, and so on...

I Was NOT Referred Here, and Found The Site On The Internet:

If you were NOT referred to the site you came to, or found us through Google or on the internet somewhere, and wish to use our services to get incentives, then all you have to do is complete the offer requirements on the site yourself. We do not pay you for completing the site un-referred. But you have to start somewhere! At that point, you will then be able to refer AS MANY people as you want, unlimited, to do the same thing for you as your referral. You never have to do another offer yourself again! Then, as each of your referrals completes THEIR offer requirement, you place an order on our site for your free gifts, for the full referral value of that site, over and over again!

When you sign up on any of our sites, on the "Status" page you are given your own personal referral link. This link is what ties your referrals to you when they sign up. They must use your referral link when they sign up. You can promote this link however you want, as an email signature, in your favorite forum, around your neighborhood, etc... Please do not spam! Also, make SURE you read our "Terms of Service" so that you know what you should and should NOT do while using our sites. This is VERY important!

Offer requirements vary from site to site. Generally, most sites are "One Credit", "Two Credit" and so on. What this means is this: If a freebie site is a "One Credit" site, it means that you just have to complete enough advertiser offers to meet the offer requirements for that site.

A "Credit" site just means that the offers on that site are broken down into various credit values, or "weights". On these sites, you will see that there is a "value" given to each offer. It may be anything from .05, .25, .33, .50, etc. To reach your offer requirements on credit sites, the goal is to reach the credit value of the site. If it is a "One Credit" site, you would need to do enough offers to reach "one" full credit. In otherwords, you might do a .50 credit offer, and two .25 credit offers to reach the goal of "One Credit" and meet your offer requirements. This is the same with Two Credit sites, also. You would have to do enough offers to reach "two credits", and so on.

Again, once you have reached your offer requirements, you are then eligible to start sending your own referrals to the site you have completed. There is NO LIMIT to the number of referrals you can send to the sites, so you can see that this can be a very easy way to get just about any free gift you want!

How Crediting Works:

Crediting is performed via cookies, which are simply small text files stored on your computer. Websites can create a cookie in order to store information, and then be able to read back that information in the future.

From your computer, you click on an offer on our website. We direct you through our affiliate partner, who sets a cookie on your computer before directing you to the (offer) advertiser.

After you complete an offer, the advertiser's order confirmation or sign up confirmation page will let the affiliate know that the offer has been completed, at which point they'll read back from the cookie on your computer. If this is successful, they are able to identify who the credit belongs to, and they post that information to our website. The entire process is completely automated.

One thing to note here. Many of the offers will say that they will credit "Instantly". Just so you know in advance, "Instant" in this industry can be anywhere from just minutes to SEVERAL hours. It all depends on server traffic, server load, time of day, etc... etc... So PLEASE have patience for an offer that has not credited immediately.

Crediting Tips:

If crediting fails, it's due to a breakdown in the process mentioned above -- usually the ability to save and load cookies to and from your computer. This can be caused by your browser settings, Internet filters such as firewalls or ad-blocking programs, and by user error such as clearing your cookies after they are already set.

First and foremost, we recommend either Mozilla FireFox or Internet Explorer (IE) browsers.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you need to set your browser to Accept All Cookies.

If you are using IE, click the Tools menu, then Internet Options. At the Internet Options screen, select the Privacy tab, then move the slider all the way to the bottom. While you are here, uncheck the option for PopUp Blocker.

Disable the PopUp Blocker. If you are using IE, follow the instructions above on disabling the popup blocker. If you are using Firefox, click the Tools menu, then Options. You'll find the popup-blocker option under the Content tab.

Disable third-party browser add-ons. If you have any extra browser toolbars, such as search bars, you should disable these. Some toolbars, including those from Yahoo and Google, can include popup or ad filters. In Internet Explorer, right-click an empty area of the interface (or click View -> Toolbars), and then deselect those that aren't standard.

When completing an offer... When completing an offer, try to keep the initial browser window on a direct path from the first page to the signup page. For example if you want to read more information about the product/service, or their Terms of Service, open those links in a new window. After you have signed up for the offer, you should be given a confirmation page confirming your registration/order, you should also get a confirmation email. Be sure to let this page fully load before closing or leaving it, as this contains the "pixel" mentioned at the top of this page.

Clearing Cookies. You should clear your cookies before logging in to our site. You only need to clear them one time before logging in; any additional clearing is unnecessary and counterproductive. To learn how to clear cookies in IE, click here. For Firefox, click Tools, then Clear Private Data.

Firewalls, anti-spyware and anti-virus programs. Anti-spyware programs, specifically ones that run constantly in the background, could perceive cookie tracking as an invasion of your privacy and therefore not allow it. If your anti-spyware program is one that actively runs at all times, as opposed to only running when you manually launch it, you should temporarily disable it. Some anti-virus programs also include "privacy protection" features that act in the same way. Programs that are confirmed to have this feature include McAfee, Norton, and Zone Alarm Pro. Examine your antivirus software and if needed, disable those features. If you are unsure, you could temporarily disable the software, if you are comfortable doing so. Firewalls, which filter your internet traffic, could be a hindrance to cookie placement as well, although this is less likely. Windows Firewall is fine, however some other firewall programs could possibly cause problems, and so you may want to temporarily disable them. Look for all of these types of programs in your Notification Area.



 Do Not Use AOL Internet Service, or AOL Browsers! If this is your FIRST TIME at any of our Network sites, just enter your sign-up email address at “Step Two” and click “Submit”. You will then be able to create your network account. If you have already created your account on another network site, enter the same email address and password you used to create your original account, and click “Submit”. This will allow you to “extend” your account to the new site also. Your one account allows you to use ALL of the network sites. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Please read our “Terms of Service“.  

For more information, please see our Crediting Guide

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